The Koyo Store and Skullz Joint Venture Offers Wide Range of Products Across Two Continents

The Koyo Store and Skullz Joint Venture Offers Wide Range of Products Across Two Continents

Two companies are embarking on an exciting joint venture. The Koyo Store and Skullz have partnered to offer esports enthusiasts a treasure trove of merchandise. With two shopping destinations, both companies will sell products that range from pins and coins to hoodies and jerseys.

The Koyo Store, which was founded in 2018, offers a diverse catalog of products based on premium properties, including PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, Warhammer, World of Tanks, Thunderbirds, and Captain Scarlet to name a few. Skullz apparel and accessories, including backpacks, chairs, jerseys, hoodies, and more will be sold on Koyo’s website.

“The partnership with Skullz will help Koyo expand its reach in the ever-growing esports/gaming world of merchandise, particularly in the U.S," says Lee Townsend, CEO of The Koyo Store. "One barrier in purchasing for many people includes postage costs. Having a partner based in the U.S will help reduce this cost to our customers."

A company known for its high-end merchandise, Skullz will offer inventory provided by Koyo on its website, including pins, coins, key chains, and an array of metal collectibles to customers within the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

“Our partnership with Koyo is key to our global expansion plans," says Wes Byrd, CEO of Skullz. "While Koyo will assist us in the distribution of Skullz products in the UK and EU, we plan to take full advantage of the products and services that Koyo has to offer. The quality and attention to detail in the products that Koyo produces matches our own standards.”

Townsend and Byrd met during an Esports Leadership Summit, hosted by the team from Esports Awards. Recognizing their respective companies shared similar aspirations and brand integrity, the two discussed a partnership, and a new venture was born. The Esports Leadership Summit is a monthly leadership gathering which involves panel discussions with industry experts, discussing the landscape of the esports industry. “This partnership would not have been possible without the Esports Leadership Summit,” says Byrd.

Over the past few years, Esports Awards has developed the Esports Leadership Summits, physical events taking place across Europe and America with discussion shaped by endemic and non-endemic leaders in their respective industries. In 2020, Esports Awards strived to create an all-encompassing space for esports businesses in the B2B space to be able to have a voice, network and share thought leadership.

Esports Awards Managing Director, Michael Ashford, says:

“This new partnership exemplifies everything we stand for with two great brands with strong offerings and identities coming together to offer an enhanced platform encompassing physical product and bespoke services, globally. Having worked with the Koyo Store over the past few years and Skullz throughout 2020, we are incredibly excited to see what is in store throughout 2021.”

You can find an array of Koyo products on the Skullz store here:

For more information on The Koyo Store, visit

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