About Skullz

Skullz LAN Party 2004Founded on May 1st of 2001, a community of gamers dubbed ourselves "Skullz" and began hosting LAN Parties and gaming events.  In April of 2019, we turned our name and skillz into a brand name for the esports and gaming world.  Our goal is to stand out above all other brands, with a focus on quality products and merchandise for gamers and esports fans everywhere.

More than just bringing great products to gamers and esports fans, Skullz has put our values front and center.  For more than twenty years, Skullz has always been a diverse group of people.  Members include people of many races, religions, and political opinions yet remain positive and encouraging while working and playing together.  From the beginning, Skullz has promoted integrity, diversity, and sportsmanship at every event and activity. 

Our mission statement sums it up:

Skullz is on a mission to provide the highest quality gear for gamers and esports teams, organizations, and affiliates in the industry while promoting non-toxic behavior, community, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Skullz continues to grow by leaps and bounds!  With integrity and diversity at our core, combined with quality products and services, Skullz is poised to become the largest and most influential endemic brand for gaming and esports.

Rapid Growth

What Skullz Gear has accomplished in our first four years as a brand is nothing short of miraculous!  With no history as a brand, no connections in the esports industry, and only the funds that a few founders pitched in for the startup, we launched our debut as a brand at Dreamhack Atlanta in November of 2019. 

Just as our startup was beginning to reach an audience, the world went into a global pandemic which shut down our business plan to tour gaming conventions to help grow brand awareness.  While other startups shut down during the pandemic, Skullz switched gears and began making relationships with other esports organizations, starting with Highschool Esports League and the Atlanta Esports Alliance.  Our personal touch combined with quality product offerings caused a surge in growth.  High school, college, and professional esports teams started to flock to Skullz to acquire their esports team gear.

Growth has continued and resulted in global expansion.  Today, Skullz now produces merchandise for teams in Australia, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdoms, and of course, here at home in the USA.

Now, with the pandemic slowing down and the world beginning to come back to something resembling normal, Skullz plans to continue its growth by taking its brand back to the streets and conventions across the world.

Design Is Everything

When it comes to apparel, one thing where Skullz stands out above the rest… design!  We take every project as an opportunity to show of our design skills and as a challenge to create something truly amazing.  Our design process is the same for our Pro teams, colleges, high schools, creators, and influencers.  There are no two designs alike, nor will there ever be.

Esports Fashion Week x SkullzOur work has now been recognized among the industries finest by the authority for fashion in our market, the Esports Fashion Group.  Skullz has been hand selected to be a part of Esports Fashion Week in 2022 and our CEO, Wes Byrd, has been selected to be a member of the Esports Fashion Council.

As part of the Esports Fashion Week, we will be releasing new designs and merchandise with new performance and lifestyle apparel. We recognize the honor it is to be a part of such an amazing group and will rise to the challenge by producing the next level of gamer gear!

If you are looking for quality merchandise with amazing design, you’ve come to the right place.

Innovating Gaming and Esports Merchandise

In addition to being a brand with great quality products, a company with a great mission statement, and the heart and drive to back it all up, Skullz found new avenues to be innovative in the esports industry.  Seeing a whole in how the esports industry approached e-commerce solutions, Skullz CEO, Wes Byrd, put his 20 years of web and e-commerce architecture experience to good use.

Beyond offering merchandise to teams and orgs, Skullz began to offer fully managed e-commerce solutions and introduced full Omni-channel product sales solutions for its clients.  New innovations followed, including fully interactive 3D objects and augmented reality solutions for merchandise hosted through mobile and desktop web browsers. 

Skullz is truly setting a new standard for merchandising solutions in the esports industry.  Come join us, and be Skullz for life!

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