Our Mission

Skullz is on a mission to provide the highest quality gear for gamers and esports teams, organizations, and affiliates in the industry while promoting non-toxic behavior, community, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Skullz History

In 1999, a group of young men and women, all starting their careers in the computer industry, launched a new gaming club called Skullz.  The group used their technical education and expertise to build a community of gamers through hosting gaming and web servers.  With their family-friendly “rulez of war”, which restricted foul language and toxic behavior, the Skullz servers quickly became a popular playground for gamers of all ages.  The Skullz community grew beyond the local borders and even acquired members from around the world.

Skullz LAN 2004

In addition to online play, Skullz began to host LAN parties where members of the Skullz community would gather in one location to play together for a full weekend.  Players would travel from all around the world to attend a Skullz LAN party.  These events became more popular and regular over the years and are still popular today.

Now, more than twenty years later, the founders of Skullz have turned their passion and professional experience into a brand name for the esports and gamer world.  With a focus and pride in quality and excellence, Skullz seeks to become the brand name of choice for esports apparel, backpacks, chairs, and just about anything that a gamer needs.

Family Friendly Focus

Skullz LAN Party 2004

Online gaming has become a normal part of a young person’s life.  Our children have grown up in this world where there is little supervision and where they can hide behind a veil of anonymity.  As a result, the online gaming community has become what is referred to as “toxic”.  Toxic behavior and online bullying have sadly become the norm for today’s youth.

Being “family friendly” and “non-toxic” has always been at the core of how Skullz has defined itself as an organization.  While Skullz grows as a brand, it is the desire of the founders of Skullz to redefine the norm for the online gaming community by encouraging the youth of today to be kind, tolerant of our differences, and promote team sportsmanship in the growing esports ecosystem.