Skullz launches Silver State Esports ecommerce solution!

Skullz launches Silver State Esports ecommerce solution!

Skullz is proud to partner with Silver State Esports (SSE), Nevada’s premier high school esports league with more than thirty participating high schools!  Today, Skullz launched a fully dedicated and managed ecommerce solution for the Las Vegas based esports organization.

Davis Kong, Founder and CEO of SSE said "Silver State Esports wishes to provide our community with the highest quality and fastest process when it comes to merchandise. With Skullz providing our ecommerce solution, they not only solve this issue, but are helping us achieve our goals of further legitimizing esports here in Las Vegas."

With the new ecommerce solution in place, Silver State Esports will offer custom jerseys and team branded merchandise for its participating school districts. 

“Having custom jerseys and merchandise for esports teams is vital to the success of any esports organization.  It instills a sense of pride and builds loyalty for both players and fans,” says Wes Byrd, CEO of Skullz.

With twenty years of experience in developing web and ecommerce solutions, Wes is on a mission to bring enterprise level ecommerce to esports. He understands the power of a brand and the importance of utilizing a seamless merchandising solution to drive sales and brand loyalty.

Each SSE school can have their own custom merchandise shop, complete with fully custom designed on-demand jerseys that are shipped directly to the customer in as little as ten days after an order is placed.
“Our on-demand team gear is top of the line!  With our proven process, we can take custom jersey orders with personalized gamer tags and numbers and have them in the mail to the customer in just 10 days.  We even have a 5 day option.  There is no other offer like this on the market!” Wes says.

You can find the Silver State Esports ecommerce website here: 

For more information, please contact us.

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