Skullz X Isurus

SKULLZ X  Isurus

Atlanta, Georgia– Gamers and esports professionals all around the world will be able to access the highest-quality gaming gear for the most important LATAM team with the recent partnership between Skullz & Isurus.  

The partnership aims to dress gamers and esports professionals by providing top-level gaming gear. Skullz will provide the official team gear for Isurus as well as the best eCommerce shop solution in all esports. Feel free to visit the official site

Meet Skullz

Skullz is on a mission to provide outstanding quality gear for gamers and to produce the best gear for teams, organizations, and affiliates in the gaming and esports industry while promoting non-toxic behavior, community, integrity, and sportsmanship. With a focus and pride in quality and excellence, Skullz seeks to become the brand name of choice for esports apparel, backpacks, chairs, and just about anything that a gamer needs.  

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Meet Team Isurus

Team Isurus was born in 2011 with the aim of being the largest esports club in the Latin American region. Commitment, competitiveness, and loyalty are the values that define and defend us. Our players compete in the best level of League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Fortnite and Fighting Games.

Skullz currently offers its services to esports teams, colleges, high schools, affiliates, and organizations all around the world.