Launching Skullz Inc.

Launching Skullz Inc.

Launching Skullz Inc.

Skullz has been around for a very long time!  What started out as a group of geeky computer gamers, hosting LAN parties back in 1999 has turned into something much bigger.  Countless LAN parties later, we are still playing hard!  While our kids may be shooting us dead every ten seconds on the digital battle ground, some of us still got good aim.  So keep your head on a swivel… or you just might lose it!

We, as a core group of gamer geeks and friends, have stuck together through all the years.  Between us, we have over 200 years’ worth of IT experience!  We know what we’re doing here!

In addition to tech geeks, we have some very creative and talented people who are proud to call themselves founders of Skullz.  It sounds like we have a great bunch of people to make a business out of this thing.  What a great idea!!

We love gamers!  Because we are gamers.  We have raised our children to be gamers.  We’ve converted our spouses into gamers.  We eat, sleep, and dream about games, eSports leagues, competition, and most of all… the camaraderie of it all between great friends… that have become as close as family.

We invite you into the Skullz family with our variety of Skullz Gamer Gear.  We have a ton of epic stuff, and we are adding new gear all the time.  We can’t wait to share with you what we have planned next.


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