Zombie World Championship Jersey in 3D

Check out the ZWC3 jersey in our new Skullz 3D and AR product viewer! It is fully interactive. Here are some fun things you can do:

  • Click and drag to rotate the jersey
  • Select the color variant of the jersey
  • Add your own gamer tag into the preview on to the 3D object
  • Click the AR link and scan the QR code with your phone... and be AMAZED!

Like what you see? Order your ZWC jersey here.


Can I add this feature with my own design?
Yes. We can custom build your product into a full 3D and AR experience!

Can this feature be added to the product page?
Yes. We will be adding product detail page 3D viewer functionality soon.

Can this functionality be used outside of the Skullz website?
Yes. You can add this viewer to any webpage to show off your products.

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